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Holiday Play Scheme

We provide our holiday play scheme service throughout all school holidays for children aged between 5 and 11 years.

During your child's time with us we will be introducing them to a range of equipment and activities.


Planned Activities

Activities are based on the interests of the children within the class, we plan to develop existing skills and provide stimulation through linked activities related to the children’s knowledge and experiences.

Throughout the year we will plan to include traditional, cultural and religious festivals and celebrations.


Social Activities

Your child will be encouraged to build friendships with other children and staff members and practise the skills required for sharing, caring, helping, working together, solving problems and taking responsibilities for the environment and themselves.


Experimental Activities

Your child will be offered the chance to explore and experiment with natural and man-made materials, he/she will be able to compare and identify the features of different objects, recognise differences and similarities, and talk about his/her discoveries with other children and adults.


Physical Activities

Your child will be given opportunities to develop, practice and master skills of balance, movement, running, jumping and climbing.  At all times he/she will be closely supervised to ensure safety, while encouraged to test his/her abilities with challenging activities. He/she will be given opportunities to practise throwing, catching and aiming skills using a range of equipment. He/she will be given opportunities to use tools and equipment.


Creative Activities 

Activities for creative play will always be available including paint, crayons, pencils, gluing and collage, also model-making using materials which are both natural and man-made. Your child will be provided with the opportunities to respond to music and use a range of musical instruments.


Please feel free to call us on 01493 600877 for more information on our planned activities.

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