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Meal Times & Snacks

Breakfast- served between 8am-8.30am


Children are offered a choice of toast, cereal or fruit accompanied with water or milk.



Lunch (5 week rotation)- served between 12pm-1pm


We provide children with a healthy cooked two-course lunch, prepared in the nursery kitchen by our catering staff, we can offer any special dietary needs. We enjoy meals such as jacket potatoes, spaghetti bolognaise, tuna pasta bake, salads etc. A weekly menu is on display in each room and also outside the kitchen for parents and children to view. The catering staff offer a summer and winter menu. Children are provided with water to drink during lunch. Staff members eat their lunches with the children encouraging the correct use of cutlery and social interaction. If your child dislikes the food option we do offer an alternative choice.



Snack- approx 10am and 2pm


Children are provided with a snack during the morning and afternoon session. Children are offered milk or water, with a selection of fruit and a savoury snack.



Tea- served between 4pm-4.30pm


We provide children with tea. This will consist of various freshly prepared hot/cold snacks and healthy desserts.



If your child does require any dietary requirement please could you indicate this on your registration form.


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