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Our Nursery

We have vacancies for ALL ages of children.


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The aim of the Nursery is to provide a high quality integrated early education and childcare service for your child. We treat each child as an individual and we offer a resourced curriculum to take their learning forward whilst allowing them to feel valued and be given the opportunities to succeed in a caring atmosphere. We encourage children to learn through play whilst exploring new ideas and experiences in imaginative ways.


We operate a key person system ensuring that each child has a specific member of staff who is responsible for the primary care of your child and ensuring that their time at the Nursery is tailored to suit their individual needs. A positive link is then created between the staff, child and parents.


We operate an equal opportunities policy that acknowledges and respects different racial origins, culture, languages and religions. We ensure that each child, whatever gender, religion, nationality, social class, age disability will find a positive reflection of themselves and their home lives within the Nursery. We aim to create an environment that stimulates nurtures and celebrates all families and their backgrounds.


The nursery was inspected by Ofsted in 2013. On the basis of evidence collected on the inspection, the quality and standards of care is Good, and the quality of the Nursery education is Good.





The nursery has achieved the requirements in the Norfolk Quality Assurance Scheme.  This has taken 2 years to achieve this status. This gives public recognition to services achieving high quality care and education. This provides reassurance to parents/careers the Nursery always strives to reach high standards in every respect.


The benefit of undertaking the Norfolk Quality Assurance Scheme:


Acknowledgement of high standards of practice and hard work

Raise the providers' sense of self-worth and enable them to value the work they are doing, developing confidence in their own abilities

Indicate to others that the provider is offering a place of high quality for children and their parents

It will provide a guide to quality for parents in choosing the best placement for their child

It will reassure parents that the setting always strives to reach high standards in every respect.


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