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Policies and Procedures

Confidentiality and Information Sharing

We understand the need to protect the privacy of children as well as the legal requirements that exist to ensure that information relating to the child is handled in a way that ensures confidentiality. This policy details as and when such information would be shared.









Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

We work with children, parents and the community to ensure the safety of all children in our care and have a statutory duty to do so. This policy states the procedure we follow if we have a concern over the welfare of any child and the disclosures we will make to other organisations if we suspect a child is being abused emotionally, physically, sexually or through neglect. Staff attend safeguarding training every 3 years and can be approached in confidence should you have any concerns. Alternatively our Safeguarding Lead Practitioners (the manager/deputy) are always available if needed.





Parents/carers have a duty to inform us of any medication their child is taking and any medical condition that may affect a child’s time with us. This policy informs you how and when we will administer any medication and how we will work with you and any other professionals during this time.








Health, Safety and Hygiene

This policy follows statutory requirements and details the procedures we follow to ensure that anybody in the Setting is safe and free from any unnecessary risk or accident. This includes any risk to health.











Special Educational Needs and Disability

In line with our inclusive approach this policy details how we work with parents/carers and any relevant professionals to ensure that any specific needs of a child are met within the guidelines of the Special Educational Needs and Disability code of practice: 0-25 years. We have a Special Needs and Disability Co-ordinator and 2 Inclusion practitioners to ensure that this is carried out effectively.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We adopt an inclusive approach by ensuring that all children and their families, regardless of ethnicity, gender, family background, culture or ability are fully integrated within our setting.











Behaviour Management

We have a strict protocol in place to ensure that all children and adults in the setting behave in an appropriate manner. This policy informs you how we work alongside parents/carers to help any child to manage their own behaviour and the procedures we follow.









Suggestions and Complaints

The manager/deputy or a member of staff, should be informed immediately of any concern so that it can be dealt with without delay. This policy details how we deal with any concerns or complaints and any further steps you can take should you feel this has not been satisfactorily resolved.

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A copy of our full Policies and Procedures are available on request.