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Settling In

We want all parents to feel confident in leaving their children at our nursery and all children to feel safe and happy in the absence of their parents, while recognising other adults as a source of care and support.


In order to accomplish this, we will:


*encourage parents to visit the nursery with their child to meet the key person and familiarise themselves with the setting proir to their start date.


*introduce flexible admission times, if appropriate, to meet the needs of individual families and children until the child has settled.


*make clear to families from the outset that they will be supported in the nursery for as long as it takes to settle their child.


*encourage parents, where appropriate, to separate from their children for brief periods at first, gradually building up to longer absences.


Children cannot play or learn successfully if they are anxious and unhappy. Our settling in procedures aim to help parents support their children to feel comfortable in the nursery, to benefit from what it has to offer, and to be confident that their parents will return at the end of the session/day.



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